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I'm a HI5 virgin. It's ok, don't be scared. We are lovers not biters. Our main music player is a mixtape featuring some of the many great songs you can find on here. Some of this music has been released by us, some it has not. I am currently doing some redesigning / rethinking / reorganizing of how HI54LOFI RECORDS works, so hopefully, what exactly it is that we do will be a lot clearer in the very near future (even that sentence isn't very clear).

Until then, head over to the Music section of our site for a complete listing of all the albums that can be currently listened to. All of these albums can be purchased or downloaded by means determined by the artists themselves. We recommend you improve your personal musical collection with every gem on here. We also recommend using the 'pop up player' function on the music player so you can keep listening to the tunes even when you leave to look at porn or bid on collectable figurines you used to play with when you were a child. 

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